Stage hypnotist Jon Bouvier to perform at Gaslamp

jon-bouvier-hypnotist.jpgProfessional hypnotist Jon Bouvier will perform his comedic and action-packed touring show “The Comedy Hypnosis Experience” starting Wednesday, August 27 at the Gaslamp Restaurant and Bar.
“The real stars of this show are our volunteers who come from the audience”, Bouvier said. “They quickly and easily tap into the most creative, powerful, and fun-loving part of the mind: their unconscious. It’s easier than you would think.”
In this fast-paced show, Bouvier shows off the incredible imagination that is within all of us. “It’s just like dreaming, really: that relaxed, playful side, where people can let go and have some real fun.” Volunteers are put into a deep and powerful mental and physical relaxation…and then the party starts. “The comedy and fun of this show comes from how people react to the suggestions they are given. And a few surprises I’ll save for when you come see the show,” Bouvier said.
Bouvier is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist, with more than 15 years of private session and group session work. He currently has practices in Pasadena and Seal Beach.
The Comedy Hypnosis Experience, a Las Vegas-style stage show, will run weekly at the Gaslamp Restaurant and Bar starting Wednesday, August 27 at 9 p.m. No cover charge. Dinner specials. Full bar.
Call (562) 596-4718 for details and group reservations.
The Gaslamp Restaurant & Bar is located at 6251 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.

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