Evergreen Group companies sponsor 2008’s ICB Marathon

Evergreen Group’s Evergreen Line and EVA Air are now both corporate sponsors of International City Racing’s 2008 Long Beach International City Bank Marathon. Evergreen Line is the named sponsor of the Kids 1-Mile Fun Run and EVA Air is giving Premium Laurel business-class tickets to the first-place male and female runners in the full Oct. 12 marathon.
“We’re honored that Evergreen Line and EVA Air have both chosen to take part in our marathon,” said Bob Seagren, CEO of International City Racing. “Evergreen Line operates one of the largest container fleets in the world, and EVA has been repeatedly recognized for its quality service and high safety standards. These two sister companies are a perfect fit for the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon.”
In addition to sponsoring the Evergreen Kids 1-Mile Fun Run, Evergreen Line is also underwriting event entry for approximately 500 children now in the Long Beach Parks & Recreation Kids Marathon Training Program. Starting this summer and through the fall, these youngsters are getting in shape through a series of events that will add up to running 25.2 miles. When they complete the final mile in the Evergreen Kids 1-Mile Fun Run, these children will have run the total marathon distance.
Evergreen Line will award a full-marathon medal and special Jr. Beach Runners Kids Run Shirt to each child from the city’s Kids Training Program. “It’s a privilege for us to be part of an event that’s so important to the local community,” said Roy Amalfitano, executive vice president of Evergreen Line’s Southern California headquarters. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to promote healthy outdoor activities for kids, their parents and everyone else who participates in the different marathon events in a community we think of as home.”
“EVA Air’s excellent service and growing success depend on the airline’s endurance, good health and fitness,” said Y.Y. Chen, senior vice president and head, EVA America Head Office. “We never stop training, preparing and reaching for our personal best with every flight. We have a lot in common with marathon participants and are very pleased to again be a sponsor.”
Since 1976, Evergreen Line has been serving U.S. West Coast ports with modern containership services throughout the globe. The carrier, headquartered in Taiwan, uses Southern California as a gateway for some 40 percent of its cargo that moves in and out of North America. Evergreen is also a leader in the maritime industry for its environmental initiatives, including designing and building the industry’s first “Greenships” that go beyond worldwide standards for container vessels and for a multitude of other innovations that have won the carrier awards for its environmental excellence.

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