LB Red Cross chapter looking for its new ‘Hometown Heroes’

The Greater Long Beach Chapter of the American Red Cross is looking for everyday heroes– people who have performed extraordinary acts of courage to save someone’s life, or those who have touched another person’s life with an unexpected act of kindness or commitment to the serious needs of others. Take for example these heroes from the Red Cross’ 2008 Hometown Heroes ceremony, who were nominated by a volunteer:

On June 15, 2007 Ryan Gilmore and Connie Grantham-Dibb, residents of Long Beach, were volunteering at Wilson High School Grad night. Ryan and his band had volunteered to play that night for the high school event. Connie, who is a nurse, was volunteering at the first-aid station.
Ryan had just arrived with his band and was unloading their equipment when he was asked to move the vehicle so paramedics could park there. Ryan, a trained lifeguard, asked what the problem was. When told that a woman had collapsed, he quickly went to the scene to see if he could assist. When he arrived, Connie was already with the victim; she’d been called from her first-aid station to assist a woman who had collapsed. She quickly rushed to the scene, saw the victim on the floor, and began to assess the situation. Ryan arrived and began to check for breathing and pulse, which were both weak.
As the two monitored the woman, her condition worsened and she stopped breathing. They began administering two-person CPR. Ryan did the chest compressions while Connie gave rescue breaths. They continued to give CPR for a grueling 10 minutes before paramedics arrived and continued to work on her with an AED.
Ryan said he kept his training going through his mind. It was a traumatic experience because when he looked at the victim, he couldn’t see life in her eyes. Connie commented that she was glad she had just renewed her CPR training the day before, and all the skills were fresh in her mind, allowing her to give the proper care. Doctors at the hospital said that the excellent CPR the woman received saved her life.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2009 Hometown Heroes awards ceremony sponsored by Edison International. If you know someone who has performed an extraordinary act or if you would like to learn more about Hometown Heroes or to download nomination forms visit Nominations are being accepted until January 31, 2009. The Greater Long Beach Chapter will honor and celebrate the individuals at the Hometown Heroes Awards breakfast March 10, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Long Beach.

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