Letters to the Editor : Sept. 18, 2008

Loving Linda
All of Linda Nusbaum’s columns are similar; she starts with a simple, mundane event in her life and writes what she thinks about it in an apparently random thought process. At the end of the piece, she draws a net around all these thoughts and– hey presto– drops it like a huckster’s sleight-of-hand trick at the reader’s feet to somehow be connected to an observation on Life, capital L.
Well, I find this trickery to be charming, compelling reading and I look forward to more. Linda gets it. She understands that life is a carnival ride and a pretty darned short one at that. She shows us by her example how to stop our whirlwind daily existences long enough to appreciate what we all have in our lives that make them enjoyable and lovely and extraordinary.
Because I am Linda’s neighbor and occasionally talk with her as she walks Simon, the ancient but evergreen dachshund, around the block, I can say that I find her deeply compassionate and truly caring. In fact, I guess Linda is someone who helps make my own life enjoyable and lovely and extraordinary. Thank you.

David Kumagai
Long Beach

Step up and Step Out
On October 18 I will be walking to STEPOUT diabetes with First Lady Nancy Foster. We need your sponsorship!
Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes is a fund-raising walk, benefiting the ADA’s mission: to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Please support me by donating to my campaign.
Need more reasons to give? More than 20 million Americans suffer from diabetes, and another 54 million are at risk for developing diabetes.
Need another? It is fast and easy to support this great cause! You can make your donation online by clicking the link at the bottom of this message or mailing your check, payable to “American Diabetes Association,” to me at City Hall, 9th Floor /Public Works, 333 West Ocean Boulevard, LB 90802. If you want to do even more to help, please consider joining our TEAM: Bad Islets. We’re a fun group and registration is free and easy. I thank you in advance for your consideration and your generous support.
Thank you very much!

Tom Leary
Long Beach

Christmas Conundrum
In last week’s Signal, WANA president Jill Hill was quoted as saying “As instructed by our City Manager Pat West, WANA recently took possession of the Christmas Tree Lane displays by relocating them from port property to personal property until after Christmas, ending the battling question of who the rightful owner is” [“Wrigley Area Neighborhood Alliance celebrates anniversary,” Sept. 11, 2008]. In fact, in his letter to Ms. Hill this week Mr. West said that the city has never taken a position on the ownership of the Christmas Tree Lane displays. [A copy of West’s letter was sent to the editor under separate cover.] Clearly, WANA took the displays without authorization.
This is an emotional issue for all concerned. The Wrigley Association has no wish to fan the flames of discontent. Our goal now, and always, is to make Wrigley and Long Beach a better place to live. Among its many community activities, for more than 20 years the Wrigley Association has been a primary sponsor of the Daisy Avenue Christmas Tree Lane and Parade.
We can prove that the displays are assets of the Wrigley Association. Until matters have been resolved and ownership legally transferred, no one else has any right to take them.
We take our responsibility as a California nonprofit corporation seriously. Unfortunately, if the displays are not immediately returned, our options are few, serious and unpleasant. Councilmember Tonia Reyes-Uranga has kindly offered to speak with Wrigley’s and WANA’s leadership. At her request, we are waiting until Monday to take action.
Councilperson Reyes-Uranga is familiar with the history of this issue and we commend her for her compassion and dedication.
We know there is a positive resolution for the differences separating a few of Wrigley’s residents. We believe that taking the high road will ultimately result in the best outcome for everyone.”

Annie Greenfeld
Wrigley Association

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