Supporting Senior Housing

I found your report on the senior housing project at Elm and 37th interesting [“Residents object to five-story senior housing proposal in their neighborhood,” Sept. 18, 2008]. This vacant property is at the end of the single-family home area with the LDS church and Boy Scouts building as a buffer. The reference to the home within 180 feet is true, but it was not noted that this home and two others are directly across the street from a four-story apartment building (five if you count the small building on the very top).
The area to the south is all apartments and church properties all the way to Wardlow Road. The proposed building is no worse than those that are already there.
The protesters appear to want to take this opportunity to have the city rezone their properties to R2 from R1 as compromise instead of going through the rezoning process.
I signed the petition to approve this project. As we live longer, we need to build good facilities to spend our latter years versus crowded nursing homes. Also, an alternative to Bixby Knolls Tower is needed since they are limited too. I encourage Rae Gabelich to continue her support of this project. Part of protecting the neighborhoods is to ensure they support all residents.

Mark Swenson
Long Beach

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