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On September 18, the Signal Tribune asked readers what they remember about the photo above. Long Beach residents Jeff Kellogg and Alan Tolkoff responded, saying:

It’s the groundbreaking for Trader Joe’s. It was the former site of Lloyds furniture store. I was about to leave office so it was probably in late 2000. Rob Webb had just been elected. He was my former field deputy. Pictured are (1) Mary Coburn, former executive director of BKBIA (3) Bill Baker (5) me (7) Rob Webb (8) Henry Tawada (9) Bill Snead, then president of BKBIA.

Jeff Kellogg
Former Long Beach City Councilmember

Tough to be sure, but third from left looks like Bill Baker from north Long Beach. He is now the North PAC rep to the LB Redevelopment Agency Board. I bet he was there in that capacity or possibly his former role as North PAC member. Fifth from left could be Jeff Kellogg, probably there as Eighth District councilman. Sixth from left, could be Jonathan Krause. He would probably have been representing Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal. Seventh from left almost certainly is Robb Webb. He was an aide to Jeff Kellogg and later a one-term councilmember. He must have been there as Jeff’s aide. I’m not sure of the location without going over there, but I have a feeling this is the ground breaking for the mini-mall where Trader Joe’s is.

Alan Tolkoff

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