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My Aunt Jeraldine has been a loving influence in my life. When I was in my 20s, she read my palm and predicted that my career would involve writing. At the time, I couldn’t image that to be true.

I saw her recently, and she generously gave me permission to print her writings on gifts to give to one’s sweetheart based on her astrological expertise. See below– her predictions may just make your Valentine’s Day shopping a little easier.

Best love gifts for each zodiac sign
By Jeraldine Saunders

Jeraldine is the author of the book Love Signs―the ultimate guide to attaining lasting happiness with your perfect love partner. She is also a syndicated columnist on astrology, and the author of the book The Love Boats– the inspiration for the television show The Love Boat.

They are inviting, attractive, passionate and impulsive. This regal sign calls for something for the head: a hat or hair accessory.

Lusty, discriminating and a great capacity for love. A Taurus will enjoy a gift card for a massage or scarf for their beautiful necks.

Warm, affectionate and always on the go. Their key to love is mental satisfaction, which means giving up the half of their twin that is constantly analytical; only then can their romantic feelings flourish. Love for them can be glorious happenings when they give that motor-like mind a rest. So, give your Gemini a nice pen, a diary or an iPhone for that gift of gab and sharing of joy.

Affection and to be cherished are all a partner could ask for, especially when that partner is warm, giving and so responsive to the touch of love. The Cancer woman wants security. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So wine and dine him. Cook for him. Give her spices or a nicely wrapped basket of food. They will also treasure anything for their home, where they are romantic and imaginative where affection is concerned.

They need love because their food is affection. They are attractive and passionate, warm, generous in desire to please their loved ones. A perfect gift would be a pair of theatre tickets for a good drama or framed photo of their family. They give their all in love.

Where love is concerned, Virgos tie it up with their minds, with thought, imagination, ideas and ideals. They are not only gaining pleasure, but also providing it for their partner who must be knowing and kind to them. They obtain satisfaction where others just dream. Virgo’s joys are not merely illusions, they are goals. Give them books, finely milled bathing soaps or gift cards to a favorite health-food market.

The word “together” means more to them than those born under other signs. It is what they want. Curling up by the fireplace and cuddling is heaven for them. They may want candy, but give them a heart-shaped box of assorted unsalted nuts instead. Jewelry– expensive or costume– is also appreciate by Libras, who are attractive and bring peace with their elegant ways.

Love and sex to Scorpios are related to the delicious privacy of intimate moments. They are intense in work and in love, and they are concerned with the welfare of others. For St. Valentine’s Day, give them a romantic CD, hopefully while you are there, or a mystery novel and maybe some sexy lingerie.

Their passions are ardent. A Sagittarius can be active, dynamic and fun and have a sense of humor about sex. Their creative drive is strong and idealistic about love. This romantic sign cannot abide a narrow-minded partner. They are enthusiastic and giving. They are conservative yet love freedom, and their world revolves around being loved. Take your Sagittarius to a Valentine’s Day outdoor picnic, horseback riding or sporting events.

Their needs are basic as well as complex. Capricorns are ambitious but have a patient nature because they feel they have a link with destiny. They want to capture wisdom and permanency. Those born under this sign are sensuous and more than a match for anyone in the love and sex area. Their earthiness may want their partners to go climbing with them. Remember, to them, life without love becomes a routine, a duty, and they believe that with love there is life and it is worth living. The perfect gift for a Capricorn would be a tree, plant or, of course, money!

Their grand mentality can contain all the emotions of the heart, and they are faithful in their love. Give your favorite Aquarian a sweater or accessory for his or her computer, and bring music into their Saint Valentine’s Day dinner.

For Pisces, love is all engulfing and private, the opposite of sensationalism. They do not boast. Love to them is giving, also the receiving and assurance of security. Those born under this sign tend to be romantic and imaginative. Their mystic ways can be very attractive. Give your loving Pisces cologne, perfume, poetry or dinner near a lake or ocean. Oh, how they love Valentine’s Day!

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