Calling all collectors of the weird, wild and wacky

Do you collect belly button lint, unique bobble heads, air sick bags, toilet seats, lawnmowers, fishing tackles, Jackalopes, or discarded trash? If so, the California State Fair wants you!
The theme of the 2009 California State Fair is Weird, Wild & Wacky West. To celebrate that theme, the State Fair is looking for the strangest California collections for display at the 2009 California State Fair in Sacramento.

“No collection is too big or too small, but all collections should be extremely weird, wild or wacky,” said State Fair CEO and general manager Norb Bartosik. “Anything unusual is open for consideration. But we want to display the very strangest collections of ‘stuff’ we can find.”
California collectors (residents or businesses) of any age are encouraged to contact the State Fair exhibits department with a description of their collection, including quantity of items, size of display and current location. Digital images of the collection will also be accepted. The deadline for submission is the end of February. For more information, call (916) 263-3045 or email For general information on the State Fair, visit their website at
The 2009 California State Fair will run August 21-September 7, 2009 at Cal Expo in Sacramento.

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