Appropriations Committee votes 5-0 to approve Lara’s Religious Freedom Act

On March 13, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved the Religious Freedom Act (Senate Bill 31) by a vote of 5-0 with two members abstaining. Senate Bill 31 prevents California agencies from sharing data that could be used to compile a federal registry based on religion, national origin or ethnicity.
“Even our basic American values are being tested by the federal government and the current administration, and the Religious Freedom Act will prevent California from participating in the creation of a discriminatory and ineffective counterterrorism tool that tramples on the U.S. Constitution,” said Sen. Ricardo Lara (33rd District), who introduced the bill.
No fiscal impact was found. The California Religious Freedom Act will soon be scheduled for a vote by the full Senate.
The Appropriations Committee also approved bills to protect Californians’ privacy and freedom, Senate Bill 6 (Hueso) and Senate Bill 54 (de León).

Source: Lara’s office

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