Public invited to opening of youth sports court

The public is invited to attend the grand-opening ceremony for the new Marina Vista Sports Court, 5355 Eliot St., on Saturday, March 18 at 10am. The sports court was the result of a suggestion made by local youth during the 3rd District youth participatory budget process. Ten students helped to gather public input, and the sports court was selected as a preferred project among the more than 700 youth who voted.
“This new sports court shows how residents are able to make positive change in their communities,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “As a result, the new sports court will get kids outside engaging in healthy, active fun.”
The court was installed between the existing walking path and tennis courts in the central area of Marina Vista Park, in a passive area not regularly used or programmed. Designed for younger children, the court has a 1,200-square-foot surface that includes a 10-foot-high basketball pole with a backboard and hoop, and a foursquare overlay painted on the court surface. The court material was specifically selected to be softer and quieter than blacktop.
“I am very excited about the grand opening of this sport court. The sport court was an effort by the youth in our community to come up with a park improvement project,” said 3rd District Councilmember Suzie Price. “They collaborated, conducted outreach, then held voting at multiple school sites to come up with the final concept. Most significantly, however, for me, is the participation of Luke Johnson. Luke was my neighbor and died at the very early age of 16. Luke was diagnosed with leukemia and was able to participate in this committee for a brief time when he was not in treatment. We are privileged to open this court in his honor.”
The Marina Vista Sports Court was funded from $110,000 in one-time infrastructure funds from Price’s office.

Source: City of LB

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