Letter to the Editor

Auto Awareness

Over the past month, there have been a number of auto burglaries reported in the southern portion of the city, south of Willow Street to Pacific Coast Highway between Temple Avenue and Walnut Avenue. The auto burglaries are occurring mostly in underground parking garages located at apartment and condominium complexes. The suspect(s) have been targeting vehicles that openly display valuable items such as electronic devices (GPS-type systems), cameras, purses and tools. The Signal Hill Police Department is actively investigating these cases, and we would like to suggest some prevention techniques as well as soliciting help from the public.
Residents should not leave any valuable items in plain view in their vehicle. This unfortunately attracts the attention of the suspect(s) even if the doors and windows of the vehicles are locked and secured. If possible, conceal the items or remove the items altogether from the vehicle when the vehicle is unoccupied.
Be aware of the surroundings when pulling into these parking areas, even if the parking area is enclosed with a security gate. Be mindful of subjects who are not familiar to the area, who appear to be just standing outside the security gate.
If there are suspicious persons loitering in your neighborhood, please call the Signal Hill Police Department at (562) 989-7201, or dial 911. Do not confront the individual; a patrol officer will be dispatched to the location to conduct an investigation.
It is unfortunate that these types of events do occur, but with the joint efforts of the Signal Hill Police Department and the citizens of Signal Hill, the number of auto burglaries can be reduced with these steps of prevention.
For further information regarding the auto burglaries, please contact the Signal Hill Police Department Detective Bureau (562) 989-7220.

Captain Ron Mark
Signal Hill Police Department

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