Charming and charitable

By Rachael Rifkin

Elizabeth “Betty” Moffitt is always looking for ways to help people. Family, church and charity work are her life. This October, she will be celebrating both her 90th birthday and her 60th year as a member and volunteer at the Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist on Atlantic Avenue.
“My grandmother is a very loving person. She does her best to help her family and her friends. She helped raise my sister and me. She gives to charity and contributes time to her church,” said her grandson Nick Dibs.
Canadian by birth, Betty made the trek to California with her family during the Depression era. “My father was laid off and his company closed. My dad had been in charge of ships that hauled wheat up and down the Great Lakes. He couldn’t get any work,” said Betty Moffitt. “We ended up staying on my grandmother’s farm for awhile. Then someone in California called with a job for him, so we headed to California.”
Betty’s family settled in North Long Beach and quickly became regular church goers at the Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, which was then located on Market Street.
“My grandmother introduced my family to Christian Science. It’s been my life ever since. I went to Sunday school at the Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist and became a member in 1949. It takes some studying to become a member,” said Moffitt. “I went on to teach Sunday school. I also work in the church’s Reading Room whenever I’m needed.”
Betty met her husband Bob Moffitt at Jordan High School, where she was among the school’s second graduating class. Betty and Bob Moffitt married and had twins– a boy named Bob Moffitt and a girl named Betty Moffitt. The older Betty and Bob eventually divorced.
Betty worked at the Southern California gas company for 42 years. She was robbed several times while working as a clerk in the payment office, but that didn’t deter her from the job. She ended her career there as a customer service supervisor.
Throughout it all, she has remained an active volunteer, supportive family member and loyal church member.
“I have known Betty for over 30 years and, during that time, I’ve never heard her say an unkind word about anyone. If someone needed help or was bedridden she would stay with them night and day until they were able to do it for themselves. ‘No’ was not in her vocabulary if there was a need,” said fellow church member Joanne Garner.

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