Letters, emails and website comments | Aug. 25

Putting the POTUS on notice?
Sadly, [Tuesday] night, we saw failed leadership in action. At a critical moment for our nation, Donald Trump resorted to tribalistic anger and division to speak to America at a campaign-style rally in Phoenix, Arizona.
Sadly, none of this is a surprise. What is stunningly disturbing is the loss of backbone by too many Republican leaders unwilling to denounce the President’s behavior. They aid and abet Donald Trump’s worst instincts.
Americans’ call for unity and dialogue must continue to overwhelm the dangerous messages of hate and violence. We all have an important role to play here.

Xavier Becerra
California Attorney General

We cannot allow this bigotry and anti-semitism to continue. This is not the America that I am so proud to be a citizen of. To ignore the actions and words of the President of the United States is to be complicit in racism and hate. We do not stand for this as a country. We need to remove Donald Trump from office immediately.

Michele Allen Stanton
Signal Hill

Zealous and zippy
You can be proud of the staff which you have assembled at the Signal Tribune.
We wish to specifically praise the writings of your editorial intern Zoe Adler. Her “[Z World] According to Zoe” opinion piece in the Aug. 18 issue of the paper was outstanding. Those of us who identify as “progressives” can applaud Zoe’s complete and objective breakdown of gender and sexual identities. The entire treatise was delivered in a most thoughtful and (may we say?) loving manner.
We wish Zoe Adler success in her chosen field of journalism. She has exhibited real talent.
So, here is one more reason that we look forward to each issue of the Signal Tribune.

Chan Brainard and Gil Griego
Signal Hill

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