Letters, emails and website comments | Sept. 8

Differing views
As a board member of the Wrigley Association, I would like to comment on the reported LUE (land-use elements) building heights in our president’s interview, published Aug. 25, 2017. (“What the people want: Wrigley Association discontent with current planned neighborhood projects.”) No formal vote or informal polls were ever conducted to ascertain member preferences for LUE heights in the Wrigley area. Our members have differing views. I personally advocate for a three-story height limit, including [on] Long Beach Boulevard, to lessen density and to preserve our traditional Wrigley neighborhood. I spoke with Adam Wolven, our president, who clarified that the heights were his own view and not that of the association.
Please publish this letter to inform your readers and our members of this discrepancy.
Thank you very much.

Diana Budd
Wrigley Association
Board Member

Thank you! We so appreciate the fabulous coverage and the great reporter you sent. (“Immigration discussed through two perspectives at forum,” Sept. 1, 2017) We are so grateful for your support.

Andrea Friedenthal
Long Beach

A done deal
Last night, after months of debate and discussion, my colleagues and I have approved the FY 18 budget for the City of Long Beach. This year’s budget is responsible and ensures that we will be able to maintain critical services in the city as we head into deficit years. A few of the highlights include:
• $300,000 for business corridor improvements, including portions of Pacific Avenue and Anaheim Boulevard
• $26,000 for programming and event support
• Health department funding for additional homeless outreach and prevention services, HIV/AIDS and STI prevention resources and funding for our My Brother’s Keeper Initiative
• Funding to pave and improve alleys throughout the city based on greatest need
• Overall prioritization by need for the streets and sidewalks in the city of Long Beach
• Funding to improve services at our Animal Care facility
Again, thank you to all our residents who participated in our community budget meetings, filled out the online survey or came down to the council meeting to make their voices and priorities heard.

Lena Gonzalez
Long Beach Councilmember
1st District

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