Letters to the Editor

Yogurt and yoga

I recently won the Budding Romance prize in the annual contest held by The Signal. I would like to thank Neena and her staff for being so warm and friendly, along with all of the local shops and business owners that participated. Although my wife Susie did most of the work for us in entering this contest, I did get an opportunity to visit many of the local establishments while dropping off entries. I had been driving by many of these places for years without ever going in, so this contest definitely afforded me the opportunity to get to know the neighborhood within which I live quite a bit better.

I’m quite certain I will be able to handle the [prizes:] pastries from Alsace Lorraine, the smoothies at the Golden Spoon, and meals at Arnold’s and Patricia’s, but the free yoga lessons should prove to be entertaining. Thanks again.

John Carter
Long Beach

Talent Scouts?

On behalf of the Tiger Scouts and families of Den 4 from St. Barnabas, I’d like to thank you and your staff for welcoming us to the offices of The Signal last week. Our first graders had a terrific time learning about how the paper is run and where you get the information for your stories. They were especially thrilled to see their pictures on the front page that Kelly mocked up for each of them to take home.
You were all so gracious to welcome our band of Tigers on a wet and windy day, and we sincerely appreciate it. Your hospitality was a refreshing reminder that you’re not merely serving the needs of the community but rather you are an integral part of it.

Stephanie Herrera
Long Beach

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