Assemblymember Allen filing appeal, aimed at Attorney General Becerra, to California Supreme Court

On Wednesday, Nov. 22, Assemblymember Travis Allen, who represents California’s 72nd district, announced that he is filing an appeal to the California Supreme Court challenging the unpublished decision by the state Court of Appeals that would allow California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to “issue a misleading, politicized ballot title and summary for the Repeal the Gas Tax Initiative,” according to Allen’s office.
“The Appellate court’s decision to uphold Becerra’s ballot manipulation is disturbing and wrong,” Allen said. “The Attorney General is constitutionally obligated to provide voters truthful and objective ballot initiative titles and summaries. The Appellate court’s decision is a direct attack on the integrity of direct democracy in California.
“The Repeal the Gas Tax Initiative does just that: it repeals the SB 1 gas tax hike,” Allen continued. “But, the Attorney General is refusing to be truthful with voters and is instead trying to fool them into thinking the initiative cuts transportation revenue.”
“There’s no way around it: the Attorney General is deliberately lying to California voters, and the Appellate court has rubber-stamped his dishonesty,” Allen said. “I am confident the California Supreme Court will right this injustice and will give the voters of California a fair and honest opportunity to Repeal the Gas Tax.”

Source: Allen’s office

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