‘Something that definitely needs to be celebrated’

Photo by Izzie Hallock | Signal Tribune
“The race is not won by the fastest, but by the one that endures until the end.” Tracy Colunga, keynote speaker and Innovation Team director for the City of Long Beach, read aloud her favorite quote to the Career Online High School (COHS) graduating class on Saturday, March 10 at the Michelle Obama Public Library branch during its commencement ceremony. Fifteen adults earned their diplomas after completing several courses with COHS. The Long Beach Public Library (LBPL) system launched the high school in March of 2016, offering a variety of classes, including child care and education, food and hospitality, and office management. According to the LBPL website, the graduates had to take an online self-assessment, finish a prerequisite course and participate in an in-person interview in order to begin online classes. Once the graduates were accepted, they completed four years of high-school curriculum in a span of 18 months. COHS Coordinator Gina Robinson explained, “I think high school can be a challenge for students the first time they go through it. So, to have our adults returning to school, getting back into that school mindset and balancing all of their other commitments– such as family, work and friends– it’s something that definitely needs to be celebrated.” Pictured are the graduates receiving their diplomas and preparing to move their tassels from the right to the left.

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