Technology boot camp aims to teach businesses online marketing

Armed with a vision to help raise the bar for California entrepreneurs, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Technology Boot Camp is making its way to Long Beach on Tuesday, July 28 as part of a 12-city run throughout the state.
The 2009 Technology Boot Camp concentrates in all aspects of online marketing, with in-depth training on email marketing, website design, search engine optimization and keyword advertising. Participants will experience hands-on exercises and real-time demonstrations of the technologies being taught.
“In this economy, organizations are looking to maximize every dollar spent. The Online Marketing Boot Camp will teach beginners and experts how to take advantage of cost-effective online advertising and increase the productivity of their website and efforts such as Facebook,” said SBDC Director Bret O’Connor. “I can’t think of a better place to focus marketing efforts right now.”
Patrick Cook, director of the Silicon Valley SBDC and the SBDC Technology Advisory Program, said he has found that many non-technology-based entrepreneurs are out of their comfort zone with newer technology and therefore avoid it. “Every business needs to know how to leverage these marketing tools,” Cook said. “We had some extraordinary feedback regarding the usefulness of our events in Northern California last summer and look forward to our Long Beach workshop where participants will actually be producing marketing content for their business.”
The business application for the Online Marketing Boot Camp ranges from service industries and professional services to light, high-tech manufacturers and restaurants. The program, which is updated annually to weave cutting-edge innovations into the curriculum, has captured international business audiences. In previous years the Technology Boot Camp has been taught as far away as New York, Puerto Rico and China.
The Online Marketing Boot Camp will be held at the Liberal Arts Campus of Long Beach City College on Tuesday, July 28 from 1pm to 5:30pm. The fee is $45.

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