Counterfeit bills turning up at garage sales

Counterfeit bills have recently been found at local garage sales, where subjects either paid, or attempted to pay for their purchases with fake 100-dollar bills. Garage sales are an easy target for criminals to pass counterfeit bills, as the general public typically is not trained to recognize security features of paper currency.
Anyone accepting 100-dollar bills should inspect the bill for unusual texture/print. Portable ultraviolet light scanners and money checker pens that detect security features in currency can be purchased in office supply stores or online.
The easiest way to avoid counterfeit money is to not accept 100-dollar bills. If a bill appears to be counterfeit, do not attempt to detain the suspect; instead immediately call 911 so that an officer can be dispatched. A good description of the suspects and their vehicle, including license plate number and direction of travel, can greatly assist police.

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