Governor meets with Holt to discuss part-time legislature

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger met last week for the first time with Gabriella Holt, who heads Citizens for California Reform, a nonpartisan public-interest group that describes itself as “committed to advancing more limited and more transparent government” and seeks a part-time state legislature.
Citizens for California Reform has received the required title and summary for the Citizen Legislature Act and has 150 days to collect nearly 700,000 signatures for the measure, which it says could be on the ballot by November of next year.
Adam Mendelsohn, a senior adviser to the governor, indicated the Republican governor has not sanctioned a part-time legislature but considers it to be a potential solution to the state’s political stalemate, annual budget deadlocks and partisan dysfunction.
The proposed initiative, which would go into effect December 2012, calls for a 90-day legislative session each year, which would convene the first Monday of January for 30 days and again the first Monday in May for 60 days. California is one of six states with full-time legislatures.

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