Jack C. Smith announces bid for 7th District seat


Professional budget analyst and community volunteer Jack C. Smith recently threw his hat into the 7th District Council race with a pledge to help the area thrive through smart fiscal management. “The city’s toughest challenge for years to come will be the budget,” said Smith, a Wrigley resident. “I’ve got the skills to maximize both resources and quality of life. I’m not afraid to ask the tough questions and look for new ways to solve old problems.”
Smith has experience working with the city and has served on the Strategic Plan for the Central Project Area of Redevelopment, the Wrigley Association Board of Directors, the Homeless Services Advisory Committee, the Long Beach Housing Development Company board, and is currently the alternate Wrigley Association representative to the Central Project Area Committee (CPAC).
He is a founding member of Better Balance for Long Beach (BBLB), a citywide group of individuals and business owners who empower neighborhoods and improve the quality of life of residents, businesses, families and children. In 2006, BBLB was recognized as the best multi-neighborhood group in the nation by Neighborhoods USA.
A frequent speaker at city council, commission, and neighborhood association meetings, Smith opposed a land swap that gave away land once promised as a sports park near California Heights. He spoke out against the proposed closed-session council meeting regarding third-party airport leasing, believing that the public should participate in airport operation discussions. In both cases, the council reversed course and acted as Smith recommended.
Smith has the unusual distinction of being awarded an Academy Award for budget management. He received the Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his “pioneering computerized motion picture budgeting.” Smith was the first to implement micro-based cost-tracking software that allowed film and TV projects to track performance against budgets in real time.
With a degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering, Smith is also, in fact, a rocket scientist. After working at McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company in Huntington Beach on the Apollo and Delta Rocket programs, he transitioned to the film industry.

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