Letters to the Editor

A Welcome Sight

I live in Cal Heights and look forward to seeing your paper rolled up on my doorstep. It is ALWAYS filled with very useful, timely information that keeps me up to date on Long Beach/Signal Hill happenings.


Tom Leary
Long Beach

Protecting our Pets

Incidents of domestic violence rise significantly during times of economic stress. Unemployment, substance abuse, fear, boredom, frustration and feelings of worthlessness often manifest themselves as anger against one’s family and/or self, specifically, as suicidal or homicidal acts. Imagine, if incidents of domestic violence spike after the Super Bowl– what massacre could occur due to an impotent rage at our current economic situation.
spcaLA (not a chapter or part of any other SPCA) hosts the Animal Safety Net program (ASN), which provides shelter and care to the pets of domestic violence victims at no cost, so they may flee a dangerous situation without fear for the safety of their animals. (Animals are often harmed or used as a way to manipulate the victims in these cases.) This has been particularly critical to elders and children in the household who rely on their pets for companionship and who are terrified that they too could be left behind. For over a decade this program has provided refuge to dogs, cats, rabbits, rats and a fish. The following are some words sent to us by a client. The names and a couple of details have been altered to conceal the identity of the client.

I wanted to thank you again and how I appreciate the gift this program has given me and my son. My dogs are home now, but I can tell they were taken very good care of. Freddy was very sketchy before and now he is more loving. Ralph is right back to his very loving and precious way. They were the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I had to basically start a new life at the age of 45. I became an office worker and was able to leave the Domestic Violence Shelter and now live in my own apartment. I now have reunited my family (minus the abuser) and am ready to live a free and loving life. I am forever grateful to you and the spcaLA for all you have done. Thank you and know you will forever be in our hearts.

It is up to all of us to be vigilant and mindful of those more vulnerable and those who can’t speak for themselves. If you know of someone in trouble who is afraid to leave his/her pet behind, encourage them to get help and share these ASN hotline numbers: (323) 733-0219 or (888) 527-7722. You could be saving the life of the family and the pets.

Madeline Bernstein

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