LB Council modifies proposed ordinance to regulate marijuana dispensaries

By Nick Diamantides
Staff Writer

During its Tuesday night meeting, the Long Beach City Council appeared ready to pass an ordinance that regulates the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. The law, however, will have to wait a few weeks to be passed. Several council members expressed concerns about some of the provisions written into the ordinance.
In response to those concerns, the draft ordinance was given back to City Attorney Robert Shannon for further refining. Shannon will bring back a revised draft of the ordinance at an upcoming council meeting.
If adopted, the law will ban marijuana dispensaries from residential areas. It will also not allow them to be located within 1,000 feet of schools, childcare facilities, playgrounds, youth centers or other dispensaries. The law would also limit their hours of operation from 10am to 8pm and require that marijuana distribution be limited to members of the “collective” or “cooperative” that is providing the marijuana for medicinal purposes.
Council members requested several changes to Shannon’s original draft ordinance, including allowing collective members to grow marijuana in their homes and allowing collectives to operate within 1,000 feet of a library or park.

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