SHPD beefing up patrol during holiday shopping season

The Signal Hill Police Department (SHPD) will be increasing its patrol of all shopping centers and stores throughout the city during the holiday season. In addition to the increased patrol, SHPD volunteers will also be patrolling the city, looking for any suspicious activity.
SHPD will be stationing unmanned police cars in some shopping centers in an effort to help deter criminal activity. Those who witness any suspicious activity should call the SHPD at (562) 989-7201.

The SHPD will also conduct a sobriety and driver-license checkpoint on Friday, Dec. 4. The checkpoint will be operational from the hours of 8pm and 3am for southbound traffic on Cherry Avenue between 27th and Willow streets. Individuals found to be operating their vehicles while impaired will be arrested, and those driving without valid licenses may be cited and have their vehicle impounded.

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