Nutrition Nuggets: A Winning Super Bowl Sunday

By Carol Berg Sloan, RD

For many, Super Bowl Sunday is the first event after New Year’s resolutions are made for which they give themselves permission to overindulge. In fact, Americans consume a whopping 156 billion calories that day. This year, try a new “game plan” so you can be a winner on Super Bowl Sunday!
When planning the ultimate Super Bowl party or bringing a dish to a bash, you can still bring football favorites, but try fun, mini versions of the foods and drinks people like to eat. Making the simple switch from regular to mini portions will allow you to enjoy your favorites and not feel like a linebacker by the end of the game.

Thirst Quenchers
Instead of using large tumblers for drinks, have an ice chest filled with Coca-Cola’s new mini cans. These 7.5-ounce, 90-calorie cans allow friends to enjoy this favorite beverage in a fun, portion-controlled package.

Savory Bites
Mini hot dogs or hamburgers are in and easy. You can buy whole-wheat dinner rolls, make your own turkey or beef patties, and serve small sliders instead of full-size burgers. Putting cocktail franks in phyllo dough is a fast way to serve up satisfying hot dogs without the calories of a big frank or Dodger dog.

Varied Vegetables
Halve cherry tomatoes and drizzle with a fine olive oil, chopped garlic and fresh basil– beautiful, satisfying and delicious! Traditional vegetable platters with a colorful variety are always a hit.

Fruit is moving to the center of the appetizer and dinner table. For example, red, yellow and green apple slices with a caramel or cream cheese dip, or a vertical Waldorf salad (see recipe) are inspired ways to change it up. For variety and flavor, purchase my favorite, crunchy Honeycrisp apples.

Sweet Sweets
Mini ice cream floats help satisfy any sweet tooth without excess calories. Use a melon-ball scooper to dole out a taste of your favorite ice cream into a small glass of Mini Coke¬– sparkling and delicious!
Ultimately, balancing “calories consumed” with “calories expended” should stay top of mind, no matter what occasion. Just like the teams in the Super Bowl, you’ll be a winner by keeping in control.

Vertical Waldorf Salad

Gather ingredients for traditional Waldorf salad:
• Apples
• Walnuts
• Red and green grapes
• Walnuts
• Celery
• Dressing

Follow traditional directions, but instead of mixing together in a bowl, take out small, wide glasses. Put dressing in the bottom and then layer ingredients. Just before serving, put out salad plates, so guests can take a salad and either eat from the glass or invert over salad plate.

Sloan is a consultant for The Coca-Cola Company and other food and beverage manufacturers.

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