AQMD sponsoring leaf blower exchange; offers monetary, environmental incentives

The South Coast Air Quality Management District is sponsoring a leaf blower exchange program which allows professional gardeners and landscapers to visit several locations to trade in their old, loud, pollutant leaf blower for brand-new, low-emission, quiet ones.
According to the AQMD, in one year, each one of the old blowers expels as much emissions as 80 new cars, each driven 12,500 miles. Exchanging older blowers will reduce nearly 14 tons of smog-forming pollution a year.
AQMD will offer a monetary incentive for every leaf blower exchanged, allowing participants to purchase the new blowers for just $200 each plus tax, a $470 value.
To qualify for the leaf-blower exchange, those interested must pre-register after Aug. 1. The program is only open to professional gardeners and landscapers who live and work in AQMD’s four-county jurisdiction. Each gardening and landscaping business may exchange up to 10 blowers. Cash, checks or major credit cards will be accepted.
To find out when the next exchange events will be, or to pre-register, call (888) 425-6247 or visit

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