The Campaign Trail

Democratic Congressional candidate Peter Mathews received the endorsement of The Gardena Valley Democratic Club last week at the organization’s candidates endorsement meeting.

Dan Pressburg, candidate for Long Beach’s 9th District City Council, announced last weekend that he is withdrawing from the race because of health problems. The following is the statement he released:

Sometimes the things we seek in life are most elusive and just out of reach for one reason or another. Today it is with deep regret that I must withdraw as a candidate for city council in the ninth district.
The reason for this action is that I have a blood clot in my right leg that complicates a birth defect that I was diagnosed with. Although neither are life threatening individually, together they place my health at risk.
The people of North Long Beach should have someone who can hit the ground running and deliver a vision that is inclusive and protects the taxpayer. That vision must restore public safety by starting the process for a police and fire academy and one that deals with youth and gang violence intervention and prevention.
There must be new budget reform that is comprehensive and deals with our needs instead of the traditional voodoo budget that depends on unfounded and unresolved revenues and rewards overspending and the pension potholes that got us here. North Long Beach must prepare to have shovel-ready projects that protect RDA dollars so we are not an easy target and piggy bank for projects across the city or schemes to bail out the budget to pay other debt.
We must place people before politics and protect and utilize adaptive reuse and continue to restore our neighborhoods and community.
Currently, I am not supporting or endorsing anyone and am turning my efforts to just getting well and restoring my health. I would like to thank my
campaign manager and the many volunteers who have devoted their time and efforts to my campaign. This was not an easy decision.
I would also like to thank the media for their fairness and coverage. Thank you all once again.

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