Make it count

With just more than a week to go until Census Day on April 1, I am urging everyone currently living in the 37th Congressional District to make sure they and their families are counted in the 2010 Census. Your Census form should have already arrived, so please fill it out and return it by April 1. The U.S. Census, which is a count of every person currently living in the United States, regardless of citizenship, is required by the Constitution and has been taken every 10 years since 1790.
By taking a couple minutes once every 10 years to fill out and send back the Census form, which is just 10 questions, you are making sure that our community has what it needs to educate our children, protect our homes, build and maintain our roads and to make our neighborhoods are wonderful places to live. In 2000, the Census missed 3 million people, which resulted in communities like ours missing out on millions of dollars. For each person the Census misses, our community will lose up to $1,500. So it is important that we participate and encourage our families, neighbors and friends to participate, so we do not miss out on any of these important funds.
The information taken in the Census is confidential and is not shared with any other government agencies. Regardless of personal legal issues, tax issues, credit problems, family matters or any other confidential situation that might cause concern, there is nothing to lose by filling out and mailing back a Census form. Everyone has a stake in the success of Census 2010. It is time for you and your family to stand up and be counted.

Congresswoman Laura Richardson
37th District

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