LBCC fashion club turns photo shoot into party, fundraiser

The band Snow in Africa, with models wearing fashions designed by Eduardo Barrera.

The band Snow in Africa, with models wearing fashions designed by Eduardo Barrera.

Fashion Network Club members at Long Beach City College (LBCC) hosted a fashion press shoot and party event last Friday at Ocean’s Sushi & Oyster Lounge in Huntington Beach. Photos were taken at the event that will be used to promote LBCC’s 34th Annual Fashion Show on May 20, in the campus auditorium. This year’s show is titled “Vigilante en Vogue,” which will revolve around a comic-book superhero theme.
Photo shoots were set up in multiple locations within the lounge as guests watched the photographers, stylists, and models at work during the making of the press kit. While the band Snow in Africa performed, some models posed with costumed DC and Marvel superheroes in natural settings. Others posed in front of white screens so that their images can later be superimposed into comic-book setting backgrounds.
“The party was amazing,” said Pamela Knights, LBCC fashion program director. “We packed about 160 people in the place, and everyone was having a great time and being entertained by the photo shoot, beautiful people and the band. We got all the photos we need to make a terrific invitation, media kit and slides for the rear projection screen at the show. The fashion network club also earned approximately $600 between the cover charge, food, opportunity tickets and show ticket sales to pay for the media kits and go toward funding the show.”

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