From blight to delight

As a regular customer at Ralphs Market at 4250 Long Beach Blvd., I have long been dismayed at the unkempt condition of an area between their parking lot and the Seven-Eleven store, on the San Antonio Drive side of their property. For many months, the area was overgrown with brush and became a depository for trash. Often, before entering the store, I myself would gather a handful of its debris and place it in the trash containers outside the store.
Although it had not occurred to me that notifying the management would remedy matters, I finally called it to their attention. They graciously acknowledged that they had not noticed it, and, because they had paid to have someone clean and maintain such areas, had presumed it was in good shape. They assured me they would take care of the matter.
Yesterday I saw that the area was cleared of brush and had been landscaped. What was a blight on our neighborhood is now an attraction. I blame myself for assuming that, because this is a large company, they did not care about such matters. Perhaps it was I who had not cared enough to take the simple measures which resulted in this improvement.

Jeremiah Flanigan
Long Beach

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