Neutral ground

On Thursday [May 13], I received a mailer from the campaign of Tonia Reyes-Uranga for 7th District City Council listing me as an endorsement. I was surprised and disappointed. I have NOT made any such endorsement. I have, to this point, chosen to remain neutral in the contest between Tonia and James Johnson.
After the April 13 primary election, I had very good, frank conversations with both James and Tonia. At the end of April, I personally told both that I would remain neutral in the run-off race. I have not endorsed either candidate. The press even reported my neutrality.
I have spoken to both candidates about this incorrect and misleading mailer. I assured James that my position of neutrality is unchanged. I expressed my unhappiness and disappointment to Tonia. She apologized for the mistake. She assured me that when my name comes up, she will make it clear that I have not endorsed either candidate. I accept her apology and trust the mistake will not be repeated.
I encourage everyone to learn about both candidates, then vote. Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support.

Jack Smith
Former 7th District candidate
Long Beach

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