Community collage, new Bixby roller-derby team part of next First Fridays

Members of the Bixby Rollerettes will take part in First Fridays

Members of the Bixby Rollerettes will take part in First Fridays

The June 4 First Fridays in Bixby Knolls will kick-start the summer with First Fridays’ usual promise of the unexpected, including entertainment that includes restaurants, art, music, roaming pirates, jazz ‘n’ tea, Swoop’s World radio broadcast, FF Farm Stand, Family Night, photography, tricked-out cars, tarot, Timstrument, the debut of the newest roller-derby team (The Bixby Rollerettes), Shakespeare’s Lysistrata, drama camp activities, Gunslingers, the Guardian Angels, We Love Long Beach, and the Knolls Ranger.

First Fridays attendees are no longer just spectators but active participants. People are encouraged to bring something to stick on the new “Leave Something Behind” collage: a penny, photo, leaf, hair pin, cuff link, heirloom, or anything from pockets to create a unique abstract collection. Also, attendees can bring their
creativity for a community art piece where they pick up a pen and draw, sign
their names, write a poem, or leave their mark in another way.
The First Fridays Information Table will be available from 6:30pm to 8pm on the northwest corner of Bixby Road and Atlantic Avenue, providing info about First Fridays and local businesses, maps, and restaurant recommendations. The Big Red Bus will transport participants from venue to venue along Atlantic Avenue beginning at 6:45pm.

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