Ready-to-work youth still available for small businesses at no cost

Already 325 area employers are receiving no-cost assistance from approximately 1,000 youth as part of the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network’s Summer Youth Employment Training Program, which is made possible through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds. The Network pays all salary and worker-compensation costs for up to 180 work hours for each youth.
“The youth help our business’ bottom line by contributing to sales, marketing, and general office help,” said Le Bui, Business Development director of Nectar, Inc., a product-development company based in Long Beach. Bui hired four youth last year and this year. “The youth program is very beneficial for small business in terms of getting those extra hands for tight times or that needed help to complete tasks to get back on an even keel.”
Dr. Jennifer Jung, OD, an optometrist who owns and operates an eye clinic in downtown Long Beach, has hired youth during the last two Summer Youth Employment Training Programs. “The youth take the stress off existing employees and staff, which allows us to focus on the projects we had put on hold,” Jung said. “They also bring in new and exciting ideas about operating and marketing a business.”
Last year, the Summer Youth Employment Training Program placed nearly 1,200 youth at 250 worksites, contributing more than $1.2 million to the local economy. This year, even more youth will be helping more worksites.
The Network has funding to fill an additional 400 positions this summer. To request one or more workers, go to and complete the brief online form, or call (866) 848-3321.

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