If enough Peanuts fans speak up, California may get its very own Snoopy license plate

Phil Kohlmetz, president of the California Association of Museums, announced this week that an effort is underway across the state to establish a California special license plate featuring the cartoon character Snoopy. The license plate will be an entrepreneurial and sustainable source of funding for museums without establishing a new tax or fee, or drawing from the state’s general fund.
Each plate will feature a reproduction of an original Snoopy drawing by Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz. The proceeds from sales of the Snoopy license plates will establish a competitive and sustainable grant program to support California museums, from art and history museums to zoos, aquariums, science centers, and natural history museums. California State Parks (CSP) will serve as the official sponsor of the Snoopy license plate and will administer the grant program. Current license plate programs are generating millions of dollars annually for the arts, the environment, and children’s programs.
Jean Schulz, the widow of Charles Schulz, founded a museum in Santa Rosa, in honor of her husband, called the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center. Based on this experience, she recognized the significant need for additional funding for California museums. To help meet this need, Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates and United Media, the licensing agent for Peanuts, are giving royalty-free rights to the California Association of Museums (CAM) to establish the license plate featuring Snoopy. If 7,500 Snoopy lovers raise their hands for a Snoopy license plate, Californians can proudly feature Snoopy on their automobiles. Individuals are simply registering interest at this point. Once there are enough interested people, the state will collect the appropriate fees from anyone who wants to get their own Snoopy plate (starting at $50). When the magic number of 7,500 folks is willing to pre-purchase a plate, they will go into production.
The sale of the plates will establish and contribute to a designated fund within the State to benefit California museums. The proceeds generated from the sales of Snoopy plates will provide support for California museums in the form of a competitive grant program and support the training and professional development programs of employees and volunteers in California museums.
To sign up, go to snoopyplate.com.

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