Incidents of mail theft increasing

The Long Beach Police Department is warning residents about a rash of mail-theft incidents which have occurred throughout the city. Residents are being urged to take precautions and not place, leave or expose outgoing mail hanging from residential mailboxes.
Recently, fraud investigators have experienced a surge of mail-theft reports where individuals are stealing mail that contains payments earmarked for creditors such as mortgage lenders, credit-card companies, financial institutions and retail businesses.
In an effort to protect themselves from becoming victims of fraud and/or mail and identity theft, residents are encouraged to practice the following:

• Do not write account, driver’s license or Social Security numbers on checks
• If possible, satisfy payments online or at creditor’s website
• Place or deposit outgoing mail in a mail slot located inside a postal facility or hand it to a neighborhood postal carrier
• When ordering checks from financial institutions, request the secure type that cannot be altered
• Do not send cash in the mail
• Retrieve mail from mailbox promptly after delivery

Those who have become victims of mail fraud should:

• Report the incident to Long Beach Police Department
• File a complaint with the United States Postal Inspection Service

For information concerning mail theft and how to prevent it, visit

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(562) 570-7330

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