Very much alive despite closed retail doors

It is with great sadness that I have to report that Community Life, the program that assisted developmentally challenged adults, has closed. This had a domino effect on the rest of the building’s tenants, The Copy House and InkPeace included.
While both Community Life and The Copy House went out of business, InkPeace is very much alive and growing every day! However, the building owner decided it would be easier to have an empty building to lease. After evaluating reopening in another building, we chose to not have a streetfront presence outside of the familiar Smart Car buzzing through the neighborhood. The majority of our efforts are with the schools, city government, and private business.
Part of the business was the walk-in customers with whom I enjoyed chatting, and I am going to miss that! We will continue supplying our local community with low-priced, environmentally friendly ink and toner through the convenience of email/phone orders (same phone: 562-912-4657) and we will continue delivering ink and toner free with a minimum order of $25.  Quite possibly, I will be your delivery person.
Thank you for your continued loyalty.

Mark Hawkins
InkPeace, LLC

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