Focus On Business : Background Screeners work to keep companies safe

john-meche.jpgBy Heather Posey, Staff Writer

Hire smart, hire safe. That’s the motto of Long Beach’s Information Brokers of America and its founder, president and CEO John Meché. But the company claims to be so much more than a screening service for businesses and corporations. It’s a protection agency for people and what they hold dear.
From financial advisors to nannies and maids, Information Brokers of America specializes in pre-employment background checking, a thorough and essential process that’s not only beneficial to any and every employer, but also required by law.
“Government hiring standards require employers to use due diligence in the hiring of new employees,” his advertisement reads. “Failure to search [one’s] background, or negligent hiring, can cost you thousands of dollars and loss of reputation in costly lawsuits.”
This government act, known as the Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA) verifies the employment eligibility status of newly hired employees and/or independent contractors. Failure to comply with the IRCA can cost employers anywhere from $100 per unverified employee to $3,000 per employee and or six months of imprisonment, whether or not the violation was intentional.
“This [law] has been in effect since 1986, but no one really cared,” said Meché. “However, since people have been up in arms about immigration, they are requiring an I-9 for each employee.”
An I-9 is a three-part document required by law to certify that the employee’s identification and work authorization documents appear to be genuine.
“Our services are used more due to identity theft,” Meché said.
And with the increased concern of identity theft, Information Brokers of America can not only protect clients who may hire potentially dangerous employees.
“I heard of one real estate broker who hired a girl that ended up stealing 7 IDs and over $700,000 from his clients,” said Meché. “She’s now in jail, but who do you think people are going to blame?”
And with as little as a name, birth date, and Social Security number, Meché can find out a person’s criminal history, bring up their driving records, and find out any past bankruptcies or outstanding debts, among other things. But the company does have some limits.
“As long as we don’t tap into anyone’s credit history, we can look into just about anything about anyone,” said Meché.
A talent that has caught more than one identity thief and could find a registered sex offender, illegal immigrant, or a potential partner with a history of violence.
Information Brokers of America is a home-based company and its services cost $50. For more information, visit or call (562) 208-8888.

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