Thoughts from the Publisher

By Neena Strichart

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure am sick of all the political ads this season. TV, radio, email, oy! I’ve had enough. We receive a boatload of email as it is, and, although we have our spam filter set quite high, the darned political ads sneak through.
One of the candidates for governor is far worse than the other as far as bombarding our office with negative propaganda about the other person running. Instead of just sending it to my spam folder or deleting each message, I take the time to hit “reply” and say in bold letters “BUY AN AD!” I know it’s time consuming, but it sure makes me feel better. So far, I haven’t been contacted by that individual’s campaign office to place any print ads.
I’m hoping that our local politicians running for assembly and congress play nice this go ‘round. I am tired of hearing what the other guy is doing wrong– please tell me what you, the candidate, is doing right or at least what you plan to do right. And do know that if you are a candidate and send me negative propaganda about your opponent by email or ask me to donate money to your campaign, I promise that you’ll be treated the same as those running for governor– I’ll hit “reply” and send you a copy of our political ad rates.

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