SHPD officer to participate on LA interagency police task force team

The Signal Hill Police Department (SHPD) has announced that Officer Scott Brown has been assigned to participate in LA IMPACT– the Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force, which consists of various federal, state, and local law-enforcement agencies within Los Angeles County with a primary focus on investigating major crimes. The Signal Hill Police Department has been a member of LA IMPACT since its creation in 1991.
With narcotics enforcement as its main goal, LA IMPACT has specialized expertise in the areas of drug-trafficking organizations, money laundering, covert operation information development, clandestine laboratory investigations and gang enforcement.
Brown has been assigned to the task force’s asset forfeiture team, which is an approximate three-year assignment, with the possibility of a one-year extension. This team is responsible for conducting financial investigations regarding task force money seizures and investigations of suspected money-laundering organizations.
SHPD’s cost for providing an officer to participate in LA IMPACT is offset by a $50,000 annual stipend provided by the task force. Additionally, asset forfeiture funds are distributed to the participating law-enforcement agencies on a quarterly basis. The amount of distributed funds will vary depending on the funds seized during each quarter.

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