Hey, neighbor… there’s a car in my view

Is there a simple answer to this question and, if so, will somebody please tell me what it is?
I have a neighbor who owns more cars and trucks than he/she and family can drive every day so he/she parks in front of a neighbor’s house (mostly mine and another neighbor) every week from sweeper day to sweeper day, and never a word is said or [anything] done to correct this violation.
I am unable to look out my own door and see the passing cars and people because there is always a car or truck parked right in front of my house all week. We all have garages, so what do they have in theirs that won’t allow the addition of a car? I use mine every day to park my car in.
Our police department is the best in the West so I know, if I called them, they could or would check it out, but who wants to bother the department every week?

Vivian C. Nelson
Long Beach

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