Super volunteers?

Imagine…after effectively serving on the Long Beach City Council for six years (a very demanding job) then running for State Assembly (political races are an immense strain) then came the tragic unexpected passing of Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald. Laura Richardson decided to run to serve and to do all she could to fill those beautiful shoes on very short notice. She did so heroically, with wonderful intelligence and heart.
She has faced difficulties courageously like millions in America. In her personal life, she experienced an anguished divorce with complicated property settlement issues people face. She recovered because of her strength and dedication. Then her father passed away, and she handled the difficult process of probate.
Sound familiar, like other real humans you know? Real people, doing all they can with great challenges and surprises life deals them.
We are entirely too hard on public servants. They endure torturous criticism. It sometimes borders on abuse. They live under a magnifying glass of scrutiny.
Only rare people can do the difficult work our elected representatives do.
Our representatives are people who are dedicated and motivated to tackle and solve problems Americans face. They are the super volunteers. It is not an easy job. What if you had to handle such challenging issues?
Laura put serving her nation first. She has done a great job. She has given. She has studied the issues. She shares what she learns with us through many venues, personally visiting the community in our district. She communicates. She listens. Her virtual town hall meeting was wonderful, personal and thorough. She demonstrated incredible grasp of the issues with intelligence and clarity. She flies home to see you and all the constituents she represents every week. Because she cares!
She has amazing energy and intelligence. She has given it everything she’s got. She is devoted to her job to serving the people.

Summer Hansen
Long Beach

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