Candidate correction

As an avid reader of the Signal Tribune, I am grateful for the many well-written and informative articles published by your community newspaper, including all those covering the election and candidate forums.  Please provide your readers with the following corrections/clarifications of facts and/or of my remarks (shown in parentheses) in last week’s article “Topics of welfare, corruption and defense characterize 37th District seat forum.”

“I’m the first person since 1950 to get on the ballot (twice or two times in a row) as an Independent candidate for Congress in the State of California.”

“…the 37th District, as well as the nation, needs people in Washington who have (will bring) common sense (solutions) and are not under the control of party bosses or special-interest groups.” 

I mentioned Iraq, not Iran: Dibs noted the wars in (Iraq) and Afghanistan are the primary causes of the government’s deficit spending.

Nick Dibs
37th Congressional District

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