LBPD now using bracelet technology to locate those with cognitive disorders

The Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) has announced Safe Reunion/Long Beach, a program in partnership with EmFinders technology company, to help locate missing loved ones. The program was designed specially for those prone to wander due to cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and dementia. 
The LBPD receives and investigates missing-person reports on a daily basis, and timing is crucial in these investigations. While most missing-person cases have a happy ending with the person quickly located and returned home, some do not, and, in some rare cases, the missing person is never located.
Typically, the chance of the person being located safely decreases the longer that person remains missing. The “EmSeeQ emergency locator system” by EmFinders will assist police with these often time-consuming investigations, and help locate and return the missing to their loved ones likely faster than before.
The emergency locator system requires the person-at-risk to wear a bracelet, which can be activated after he or she is reported missing. The reporting party must first call the police and provide necessary information in order to generate a report. The report number is provided to the caller who then provides it to EmFinders via their toll-free number, and EmFinders activates the bracelet. The missing person’s location is then transmitted via cell tower to 9-1-1 dispatchers who can send assistance.
Last Sunday, representatives from the LBPD and EmFinders unveiled the EmSeeQ device at the Long Beach Convention Center in conjunction with Maria Shriver’s March on Alzheimer’s.
Starting Nov. 1, a limited quantity of free bracelets will be provided by the LBPD to those suffering from a diagnosed cognitive disorder.  This offering was made possible by a group of private donors led by Long Beach resident Coralyn Wahlberg, who provided the initial funding for Safe Reunion/Long Beach. The monthly cost for the 24-hour monitoring service is approximately $25. 
Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell sees many benefits of the department utilizing technology to increase community safety. “Safe Reunion/Long Beach is a great tool for returning loved ones home safely and for minimizing police resources, while locating a person who has a propensity to wander,” he said.
For more information about EmFinders’ EmSeeQ emergency locator system, visit To donate to Safe Reunion/Long Beach, contact the Long Beach Police Foundation at (562) 343-5111 or through

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