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By Betty Karnette

When you walk in the door of the building on the southeast corner of Willow Street and Magnolia Avenue, you immediately feel like friendly people must be associated with the variety that meets your eye. It’s even difficult to tell the difference between the shopper and the person who’s there to help you find a hidden treasure. After all, this is an antique store.
But somehow it has a feel of the present, even though it’s obvious that the items have been owned and admired by several generations.
Emily Yep and her husband, Marshall, are the owners of the Magnolia and Willow Antique Collective Store at 490 West Willow St. The store opened on Oct. 4 and is now open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm. However, November and December are especially important, so Sundays and later evening hours will be the norm for these two months
Not only are the owners always busily greeting and talking with visitors, but two young women, Katie Weringer (Emily’s sister) and Lindsey Washburn, can give you any and all information that’s available on the various fascinating pieces in the store. These pieces may be tables, desks, chairs, dishes, jewelry, paintings, strange items from the recent past, etc. In fact, descriptions are difficult because of their uniqueness and variety.
Items are not taken on consignment. The owners rent the space month to month, which gives freedom to those who want to sell. Ages of the pieces range from the Victorian era to mid-century modern. Emily’s grandmother had an antique shop in Bakersfield, so they have the experience that leads to wise decision-making along with the understanding of the value of antiques.
The only items that are not older than the young adults operating this establishment are the soy candles of which everyone is so proud. Why? Because a soy candle they created is “clean” and good for the environment. When you visit the shop, be sure to ask about this “specialty.”
The owners and workers report that the people who spoke to them before they took over the corner really underestimated the community and its interest in this Wrigley neighborhood addition.
Margaret Rose, who has a business called English Garden Floral Design, provides fresh flowers every day for this establishment to help its delightful aura. Margaret, Emily, and Marshall live only five blocks away, and the entire neighborhood has been especially supportive. People are in and out all day, every day– in particular, the strollers and dog walkers. Furniture at the front door seems to call them into a shopping adventure.
Additionally, online selling is available to all the dealers for one-of-a-kind items. History of objets d’art is there if one wants to research any of the offerings.
The final statement from all the folks at Magnolia and Willow Antique Collective is “Antiques are a good way to go green!”

Betty Karnette is a Wrigley resident as well as a retired California state assemblymember and state senator.

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