The gift that keeps on giving– economic stimulus funds still paying off

More than 285 employers benefited from 209,000 hours of subsidized employment by 1,040 youth who earned more than $1,503,556 in payroll, and spent at least a portion of that money at area businesses, schools or in training.
Employers in the region found the young adults to be work ready and productive and 30 percent (285) of the youth were hired in non-subsidized jobs at the end of the program.   
“When the subsidized employment ended, we offered participant Melissa Lara a part-time paid position in our legal department,” said Kelsey Hernandez of Amusement Industries, which is located in North Long Beach. “We found that she was far more of an asset than we could have imagined and we’re excited to keep her on our team.” 
The Pacific GatewayWorkforce Investment Network’s (PGWIN) Summer Youth Employment Training Program was made possible through federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, which provided salaries and workers’ compensation for eligible youth living in the Network’s service areas of Lomita, Long Beach, Signal Hill and Torrance.
“I gained valuable experience and much needed finances to help get me through the summer and save for college,” said Ivan Chavez, who worked as a communication intern at the Port of Long Beach. On average, each participant worked an average of 180 hours.
Employers and youth can connect year-round through the PGWIN’s Hire-A-Youth program.  Hire-A-Youth can provide employers with work ready candidates who have lower salary requirements– increasing productivity while minimizing expenses.

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