Unsolicited advice

On Saturday, Jan. 1, I received an unsolicited e-mail from Matt Simmons, who is running for [Signal Hill] city council. The e-mail started with “Happy New Year” but quickly evolved into a political campaign piece, which I found to be totally offensive. There were a number of negative statements about the current state of affairs in Signal Hill, but the worst was an unsigned “personal testimonial” which compared Signal Hill to the fraud and scandal recently uncovered in the City of Bell.  Here’s a quote from that testimonial– “Robert Rizzo alone is charged with more than 50 felonies. Signal Hill is on the same path.” That statement is not only distasteful, it is ludicrous and possibly libelous.
If this is any indication of the type of campaign Mr. Simmons is running, then it is very clear to me that Larry Forester and Tina Hanson deserve to be on the city council and Mr. Simmons does not. One more thing, I don’t know where Mr. Simmons got my e-mail address from, but I certainly hope he never sends me an e-mail again.

Bill Yochum
Signal Hill resident

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