Thoughts from the Publisher : Dr. Nagourney Offers Hope

neena strichartBy Neena Strichart, Publisher

I’ve been led to believe that the only things for sure are death and taxes, and close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. I also thought cancer treatment meant severe nausea, total hair loss and a small cure rate—no options. When Mom was diagnosed with stage-four cancer a few weeks ago, I felt hopeless. Her doctor basically said that without extreme and vigorous treatment she’d be better off in hospice. Not wanting to be sick from aggressive treatment, Mom scheduled a meeting with hospice. I think we both felt defeated.
The next week I met with my physician, Dr. Ronald Bitter, and told him what was happening with Mom. He said Mom should definitely get a second opinion and suggested she consult with Dr. Robert Nagourney—right here in Long Beach. Dear Dr. Bitter called in a referral for Mom—a woman he had never met.
Being under the care of the nation’s largest HMO, Mom would have to pay out of her pocket for an out-of-system consultation. We figured it would be worth spending a few dollars to buy some peace of mind. She made the appointment and we waited for our meeting with the new doctor.
Within that time period, I ran into several people who said they knew and respected Dr. Nagourney—including Steve Hastings, formerly of Star Jewelers, who said that Dr. N had been his father’s doctor. I felt sure my Mom would be in capable hands.
Once we met with the honorable Dr. Nagourney I knew we were on the right track. His professionalism, passion and humble form of confidence gave us hope. As of Tuesday, the tests have been done, the results have been gathered and interpreted, and Dr. N believes he can help Mom. Now, don’t get me wrong—he isn’t guaranteeing anything—but it is his opinion that she can be treated successfully with just a minimum amount of side effects. Hallelujah!
Waiting for a short time in Dr. Nagourney’s office, I noticed two framed pieces on his lobby wall—they read:
With cancer, the difference between life and death
may simply be an informed decision.
Hope Practiced Here
Thank you, Dr. N, for giving us hope.
Dr. Nagourney will be presenting a free community lecture Friday, September 28 at 6:30 p.m. at CSULB Foundation, 6300 State University Drive, Suite 204. The topic is “Beating the Odds: Winning the War on Cancer.” For reservations or additional information call Shari Burt at (562) 989-6455 ext. 103, or e-mail
Ed. note: For more on Dr. Nagourney please see the article in this issue.

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