Off-Beat Occupations: Self-taught florist teaches the floral arts to budding designers

margaret-rose.jpgBy Shannon Clayton, Special to the Signal Tribune

Ever wondered why people have the jobs they have, or how they found that out-of-the-ordinary job? Margaret Platt is no ordinary florist. Owner of Margaret Rose Floral Design, a home-based business, she creates custom décor for the home.
A self-taught florist, Platt was the co-owner of Rainbows in the Market Place, established in 1980 and later the owner/manager of AuntieQuarian’s Cottage in Bixby Knolls. Being one who works “out of the box,” she is always looking for new ideas.
Platt’s latest venture is teaching floral classes through the Long Beach Park and Recreation Department. Her students watch Margaret transform trash into treasure within minutes—using flowers, twigs, fruit, vegetables and bits of ribbon or fabric.
According to Platt, helping the average Joe or Josephine design flower creations that they can later recreate on their own is her joy. No matter who asks Platt why she chose this job, they will always get the same answer. “I love flowers. It’s my art and showing people who did not know they could do a thing with flowers on their own that they can.”
A creative Jill of all trades, Platt, with her patience and guidance, has all of her students walking away with their own personal centerpiece. Thanks to Margaret’s bohemian outlook and off-the-wall teaching methods, they have the confidence to try some of what they learned on their own.
Whether students are interested in floral arranging and home décor or just in the mood for something new, Platt will not disappoint them.
Her classes can be found in the Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Fall 2007 catalog. Classes taught by Platt include floral design for $115, a bridal workshop, which costs $110, a Halloween workshop for $45, a harvest décor workshop for $75, her “It’s A Good Thing” holiday workshop, which costs $55 and Christmas décor 1&2 for $75 each.
For more information about Platt and Margaret Rose Floral Design call (562) 477-7762.

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