A partnership that’s ‘in the bag’

EXT CAP Scottish fest pic

The Long Beach Police Pipe Band was introduced at the opening ceremonies of the Scottish Festival last weekend at the Queen Mary Seawalk. The Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) recently partnered with the Los Angeles Scottish Pipe Band, more commonly known as the LA Scots, who will now also be known as the Long Beach Police Pipe Band (LBPPB). The LA Scots are one of the premier pipe bands in the United States, and one of three bands in the country to achieve Grade 1 status in a Grade 1 to 5 distinguished classification ranking system for those bands who compete in the pipe band world championships.
It is a longstanding tradition in many police departments across the United States and around the world, to team up with bagpipe bands. The new LBPPB is a ceremonial pipe band that will perform at community events such as parades and festivals, and may also be used in funeral and memorial services. The association between the LBPD and the pipe band will have no financial impact on the police department or the City of Long Beach, yet it will serve as a positive representation of both and expose the practiced art of piping to residents and visitors in many different settings.

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