Minding your businesses

What a wonderful surprise when I answered the phone on Thursday to find out that I had won one of the Sweetheart Sweepstakes prizes– Home Romantic Home. My husband and I had had a great time visiting the many businesses and stores, old and new, that participated as we dropped our tickets in the Sweepstakes bucket in each. If it hadn’t been for this adventure, I’m sure we might not have come to know some of them and would have missed the introduction to some great assets to our area. 
The broad support for this event was striking, from insurance to pet grooming to Greek dining, our community has it all. This experience has reinforced our family’s commitment to support our local businesses and what a great added bonus to win some wonderful prizes.
Thank you, Signal Tribune and “Sweetheart” businesses, for putting this on.

Sandy Facon 
Long Beach

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